Online Course

Effective Online Course Development

This is an opportunity to reflect and grow as an instructional designer, developing online learning interactions and courses. It is a demonstration for those interested in how online learning works for employees, organizations and companies. Facilitators will include examples of an effective online learning interactions and opportunities to explore the topic further. This course is Instructor Led and Self Paced. We also have web meetings to discuss online course development tips and online teaching strategies. Course access is good for six months. Facilitators review participant work, provide feedback and study strategies in an informal and effective learning event.

Participants will...

  • identify key factors in the design of effective online learning events;
  • develop critical online teaching skills;
  • be able to move beyond production and tactics to strategic instructional development;
  • and better understand and apply the core principles of eLearning ID

EOCD Facilitation Team

This course is part of a learning community for Instructional Designers, Curriculum professionals and thos responsible for designing and supporting effective online learning.

Speaker 2

Karen Siderelis

OQA Associate

MEd in Park Management, 12 years in federal Senior Executive Service and corresponding service in state government, Experience as an Information Officer and managing all aspects of information technology, Focus on use of geospatial and collaboration technologies to address issues of national significance
Speaker 3

Diana Wilkinson

MBA & Ph.D. in Education Communication & Technology, Developed curriculum for Udall Certificate in Environmental Collaboration, 30+ years of experience in adult learning for federal agencies and private sector.

The online course is "Self-Paced" and may be completed based on your convenience. EOCD Facilitators will provide responses and invite participants to online "Advice Clinics" to recieve more detailed feedback.

Interactive Learning Strategies

EOCD is a strategic leaning experience, including 6 interactive modules, Learning Interactions and special handouts designed to develop your instructional design and online teaching skills.

The online course is self-paced, and includes online "Advice Clinics" to discuss case problems, strengthen your abilities, and support dialog with the EOCD Facilitators. All web meetings are recorded.


APRPREP - Frequent Questions


Comments from participants and course reviewers. Social media sites include additional unsolicited comments.

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Technical Facilitator

Michael Henry

Technical Facilitator - Effective Online Course Development

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