About Diversity Leadership Project

This is an organizational training intervention, interactive video learning experience “starring” employees from your organization. Following interviews with a variety of employees around DEI issues, interviews are transcribed to develop an authentic language training program script. The final production script is approved by organizational leadership. The training intervention will facilitate an internal, department to department dialog about Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, while promoting internal advocates for protected classes and fellow employees. The program may be produced economically, using ZOOM video, or onsite. Pre and post research surveys may be added to the project scope.


Diversity Leadership Project Research

The program has been shown to increase employee to employee dialog, as well as internal advocates for DEI. Pre and Post DEI surveys may be added to the project.

Network and Connections

Rather than addressing all employees from the top down, this program turns the pyramid up side down. Authentic language and recognizable employees will be the face and voice of this innovative program.

  • Diversity Leadership Program Information Sheet
  • Engagement Planning

    Each organization identifies specific needs and language for the Training Intervention. This is a custom produced online learning project, with real employees and organizational resources.