APR Webcast Schedule

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 Date Time Topic Volunteer
Tuesday, Apr 22 8PM** Cases and Readiness Review practice COMPLETE
Tuesday, May 6 3PM** APR Open House - Study Strategies COMPLETE
Tuesday, May 27 3PM** APR Open House - Summer Cohort COMPLETE
Tuesday, Jun 3 3PM** Summer- RPIE - Foundation COMPLETE
Tuesday, Jun 10 3PM** Summer- RPIE - Situation Analysis COMPLETE
Tuesday, Jun 17 3PM** Summer-Problem & Goal COMPLETE
Tuesday, June 24 3PM** Summer-Audiences & Objectives COMPLETE
Tuesday, Jul 1 3PM** Strategy & Messaging COMPLETE
Tuesday, Jul 8 3PM** Evaluation COMPLETE
Tuesday, Jul 15 3PM** APR Readiness Review - Open House VOLUNTEER
Tuesday, Aug 26 8PM** APR - Fall Cohort - Orientation VOLUNTEER